Does your Hummer Smell Good or Bad?

Apr 04, 2018
Does your Hummer Smell Good or Bad?

A good smelling fragrant car is very important for us because in this fast-paced life, cars have become critical for our survival. In this given scenario, how can one imagine to roam around in a nauseating car environment?


Simply attacking the dirt with a bucket of water, sponge, some soapy water and some labor can clean outer part of the car; however, interior is the one that requires patience, care and meticulous cleaning process. It does take your time initially but once it becomes your habit, cleaning becomes less hectic and time-consuming.

Why is Good Smell so IMPORTANT to MAINTAIN?

car that smells good

A car that smells good is the one that gets an extra attention in terms of cleanliness and hygiene. Whether it's a city drive, a road trip or you are picking up someone for the date, a clean and fragrant car always gives pleasing results. Moreover, a good smelling car says a lot about you. It screams out your character and the person you are, so in near future if you are trying to sell your car your buyers will be overwhelmed and you might get that few extra bucks as a bonus.

Regular Cleaning Habit goes a Long Way

So you bought your Hummer and you went out flaunting it to everyone and everywhere. You invited your friends to test drive it, went for shopping, ate pizza, had few drinks, treated your mighty SUV as your small den and you came back home and left the car the way it is. Now, if you check it in the morning you won't be looking at a hot looking Hummer anymore (from outside maybe) because your last day's excursion has converted it into a dumpster.

Generally, people are so lazy that they don't really clean and throw away the trash; they rather put it aside and keep going (in this case keep driving). But we say, show some love to your car. Inside health of the car is more important than the outside sheen.

Following are some pointers that might help you keep the car atmosphere healthy and scented:

healthy and scented car atmosphere
  • Garbage looks good in the wastebasket and not in your luxurious SUV Hummer. Make it a habit to clean your car at the end of each day. Collect fast food wrappers, empty pizza boxes, soft drink cans, food leftovers, chocolate wrappers in the garbage bag and throw them away in the garbage bin every night before you lock up the car in the garage. This act of cleanliness won't take much of your time and your car will also be able to sleep in a clean atmosphere.

    Make some time out every week to vacuum your car. The carpets and any fabric upholstery need to be dust-free and germs-free. If you do it regularly you will realize that it's not a big chore to do because there won't be much to collect. However, vacuuming will help the car to stay away from any stale or foul smell.

  • Car mats are the parts that get dirty very easily and quickly. Make it a point to regularly shake them out, at least weekly. This will remove all the dust, stones, dirt and anything that was trapped on them. Since shoes are the source of inviting all the dirt inside the car, this mat-shaking act will keep the floor clean.

  • Rainy season is the season of dirt and stains everywhere. Your dirty shoes will surely make the car mats look really ugly and smelly. So, in such cases, vacuuming won't be enough. It's better to put them in a heavy-duty washer and let the soap and water work wonder on it.

  • Never ignore your car windows. Remember, last time when your kid ate that chocolate and put his hands on the window? Yes, that stain is still there and very much potent to build up an odor. So, regularly clean the car windows with some good glass cleaner. Also, dab the dashboard, and don't forget the steering wheel (your hands get all kinds of dirt and stick it on the wheel). You will find a variety of car cleaners or a glass cleaner or all-purpose cleaner in the market. Choose the safe one (advisable to select car cleaners). However, if you are using an all-purpose cleaner or ordinary glass cleaner then to mitigate the chances of ruining your car interior, always test it on some discreet spot first to make sure it leaves no stains.

  • Once you have finished cleaning your car, roll down the windows for some time to air out the car; fresh air will energize your car. If there is still some smell trapped inside the car even after the regular cleaning process, use some anti-odor spray or put aromatic car freshener of your choice. However, it's advisable to look out for the odor spray that doesn't just conceal the odor only but eradicates it completely.

For some people, car is their second home, since they spend most of their day driving around. For such drivers, it becomes necessary to follow these steps in order keep the car air and atmosphere healthy and aromatic.

Nowadays, it's easy to maintain the car's good smell. Market is stocked with so many fragrances, potpourri and wardrobe sachets to keep those little things intact. However, never overdo with the fragrances; it becomes suffocating. Also, keeping an extra garbage bag to collect all those wrappers and leftovers is another great idea. It doesn't clutter the car and also saves your time while cleaning.

So, make a regular habit of keeping your car clean and let it say 'Thank You' whenever you leave it in the garage!

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