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  1. What Is The Best Car You Can Buy For £70,000?

What Is The Best Car You Can Buy For £70,000?

01st April 2016

A question that almost everyone ponders upon. If you had £70,000 which car would it be. Some would say hands down BMW others would be like no way has to be a Mercedes. If you ask us, well we would say the smarter way is go for a pre owned supercar and aim towards Porsche’s and Aston Martin’s. But of course Seb from London talks about a brand new supercar under 70,ooo pounds. And yes my friends it has to be none other than Audi R8. Yes we know you’re a little taken aback but wait till you reach a conclusion, because it is not just an Audi R8 but an AUDI R8 V10. Yes the same R8 which has the lamborghini engine. While people would go crazy with such money, you now could go all vroom vroom.

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