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  1. Top Gear Vs 4,000 Cows

Top Gear Vs 4,000 Cows

05th April 2016

The boys are back and this time with a sensible mission. Or so as they say! James, Richard and Jeremy are always going berserk over something or the other. Be it climbing a dam or drifting and racing around a volcano, these boys are always up for a difficult task. This time the task is definitely difficult but equivalently crazy. This time the boys are up against a herd of 4000 cows. Yes that humongous herd of cows. If you’re wondering what is the mission behind this exceptionally bizarre task, it is to guide these cows towards the arena. The twist is,definitely, with their Bentley, BMW and their Nissan. The boys are notorious and smart but would they be able to tackle 4000 cows? Who would get ahead and who would control whom? Would another player in the boy’s team will be required? Well to know all these you’ll have to go and straight away check the video out

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