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  1. Supercar Runway Race

Supercar Runway Race

12th April 2016

What happens when the budget supercars come down to race with each other? What happens when these budget supercars come down to race on a runway? What happens when a peculiar drag race is held among these budget supercars? And what if THESE supercars were Ferrari 458 Spider, Audi R8 V10 Spyder and McLaren MP4-12C Spider. And what if all these ‘Whats’ were combined and put into a single video. Complicated? Wouldn’t be when you watch this video. The three musketeers are always up for some mischief and this time they plan to barge into the unusually quiet airport runway and do a nice and neat drag race. Well how neat and nice would it be that depends on the craziness level these boys always forget to maintain. Till then go watch the video yourself a keep contemplating!

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