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  1. SEMA Drag Race! '70 Mustang vs Porsche 911 vs Ultra Four Buggy

SEMA Drag Race! '70 Mustang vs Porsche 911 vs Ultra Four Buggy

29th March 2016

Remember the last time we talked about SEMA Drag Race, it was Hellcat and Blasphemi. And remember how crazy we went on the fact that how bizerk and crazy yet so exhilarating it was. Well congrats to our good car enthusiastic research skills, we found yet another bizarre, crazy yet so exhilarating video. This time it is 70 Mustang vs the Porsche 911 and ya also the Ultra Four Buggy. Don’t rub us of as flatterers and over exaggerators before you watch the video. It’s three lap drag race. And it’s completely unbelievable. Mustang surely wins the heart as soon as you see it but will it be able to win the race? The Ultra Four Buggy is so cute but is it fast enough to be even able to compete with the two maestros? And what happens when “the frog decides to go to its well”? Well let us not spill the beans, we are sure watching it first hand would be far more exciting than hearing it from us! So go and check out the video without any delay.

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