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  1. HYPER 5


01st March 2016

Hypercars are meant to make you feel hyper. They are called Hypercars for the same reason also because they are one level up than the super cars. Just the sight of a single Hypercar gives us the need to grab some air, Here we have five Hypercars competing with each other; Ferrari LaFerrari vs Porsche 918 vs McLaren P1 vs Bugatti Veyron Super Sport vs Pagani Huayra. These cars are the meanest, baddest, fastest and the most expensive production cost modern day Hypercars. They say the evolution is the result of the competition. The competition between the producers of these beasts and also the advancement in the internet technology gives us, today, the opportunity to witness such a great event. From the first ever Hypercar, Bugatti Veyron to all the others in the league, which is the best and which is the second best we will have to watch the video and see it on our own! So there you go!

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