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  1. Crazy: 1000HP Minivan & 1000HP 911

Crazy: 1000HP Minivan & 1000HP 911

18th April 2016

Aren’t we the crazy car buffs that everyone believes us to be? Of course we are. Look at the array of crazy drifting and racing videos we always come up with. We are indeed always talking and often screaming about a latest supercar or the a latest review on a world best supercar. But this time we have derailed a bit. Instead of the regular smart suave and sexy supercar banter we are going to talk about some power. Not just any power. Horsepower. The point behind it is to make our fellow car enthusiasts aware of the fact that how horsepower can make even a stable’s horse a thoroughbred. Our mice to test the experiments on is the famous ‘Widowmaker’ 911 and its HP is crazily pushed up to 1000 hp. And then the final test on the shocker Minivan. This petite bombshell shocked everyone first appearing in SEMA and then shocked people with what it did in the video. So hurry and go watch it ASAP.

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