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  1. Best Drifting Cars Compilation

Best Drifting Cars Compilation

31st March 2016

Car drifts since day one have an object of admiration amongst all car enthusiasts. The internet is over loaded with information on the best of best luxurious cars. But car drifts always win the game. No matter how many time one sees a car drift, the level of satisfaction remains the same defying the law of marginal utility. And here we are sharing this ultimate video of cars drifting. Yes it is indeed a moment to admire and a moment to “take a moment”. Wipe those happy tears people because what you re going to see will definitely blow your brains away. You name it they’ve got it. Drifting in a backyard is too mainstream, they’ve got city streets, snow covered grounds, race tracks of course. Then they’ve got Ferrari’s to Lamborghini’s. Enough of hyper excited spoilers it High time you went and watched the video.

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