The Future Models of Audi Revealed by Unofficial Sources

Nov 27, 2017
The Future Models of Audi Revealed by Unofficial Sources

Audi is one of the most recognizable automobile companies of the world. This German multinational has numerous models in hatchbacks, sedan, compact SUV and sports cars. A recent leak on the Internet shows what models the fans of Audi can expect in 2017 and 2018.

Recently, Audi has teased the fans with small teasers of the Q2 model that it is likely to unveil in 2016. However, the leaked document on the Internet gives a detailed layout of models that are planned to be launched by the company in the coming two years.

This image (part of internal documents of the company) released on the Internet shows 9 cars that are likely to be released in 2017 with their possible rollout months.

For the year 2018 the leaked image shows 7 different models, but without any rollout month. According to the leaked plan, the models to be launched in 2017 include:

  • A5/A5 coupe in the month of March
  • Q5/SQ5, RS Spyder and TT RS Coupe in April
  • A5, S5 Sportsback and A5/S5 Cabriolet in May
  • SQ7 in the month of June
  • RS 3 Sedan in August
  • Q7 e-tron in October 2017

On the other hand, the lineup for the year 2018 includes RS5 Coupe, R8 V6, Q8, C-BEV, A6, A7, and A8.

Among these, few cars will surely quicken your pulse, including the Q8 SUV and the all-electric Q7 e-Tron. It is believed that the planned A8 model may be inspired from the Prolonged Concept car unveiled during the 2016 Auto Expo.


If this document is true (there is no official confirmation), then it shows that Audi is seriously thinking of bringing out cars that will compete directly with the BMW models in the market available with similar features.

However, as this leaked document is not acknowledged by company officials, we thereby cannot guarantee the veracity of its claims.

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