Nissan's New Engine: Revolution in the offing?

Nov 27, 2017
Nissan's New Engine: Revolution in the offing?

Japanese motor company Nissan has designed a new petrol engine which many are calling a revolutionary technology, the killer of diesel engines and the best invention in the combustible engine systems in the past century. So what is so special about this engine?

Well before we explain what is so special about this particular technology it's important to understand how a car engine works. Our cars are equipped with internal combustion engines which essentially takes petrol and air together, compresses this mixture and then lights it on fire, literally! This fire then propels the piston down which then turns a crankshaft which moves the wheels of the car and this is how our cars move forward or backward.

Good News for Luxury Car Companies

The compression ratio which is an important thing to be considered for all cars, is essentially how tightly the mixture of air and petrol is compressed by the piston before it's lit up by spark plug. And interestingly the compression ratio of this mixture of air and petrol needs to be fixed for each car before it ships out. From Volkswagen to Ferrari, all cars have a fixed compression ratio. This compression ratio decides how much fuel a car is going to use and what performance one would get from the car. So in a Ferrari you would get compression ratio like 13:1 and whereas a Jetta would come with a compression ratio of 10:1.

This new engine from Nissan has technology which allows the compression ratio to vary and thus not restrict car makers to fix the compression ratio of the car before shipping it out. So this automatic calibration of compression ratio allows for the car to become more receptive to the terrain it is on and allows for an optimal drive. Nissan is calling this new technology as VC-T aka Variable Compression-Turbocharged engine. Since this new, sophisticated and costly technology is going be introduced only on the high end models of Nissan. This new engine is expected to be showcased in the upcoming Paris Motor show next month and the launch vehicle will be an Infiniti car. Nissan cars with this new technology are expected to hit the roads sometime next year.

Why so much hoopla about this variable compression ratio technology? Well, to be fair to Nissan, this variable ratio technology was a long time in the making and no other car maker has been able to achieve this feat until now. Nissan worked on this technology for twenty years before they could announce it to the world. The important thing about this engine is that it will allow cars to be more fuel efficient without compromising the performance of the car. This engine will also reduce emissions and will pave way for a cleaner environment. Is this a revolutionary technology? On paper, it looks quite promising but only time will tell how it fares when it hits the roads next year. We can’t wait for it to launch!

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