Mercedes-Benz Soon to Unveil Electric Vehicles

Nov 24, 2017
Mercedes-Benz Soon to Unveil Electric Vehicles

The year to come has something good in its surprise bags, especially for those who are die-hard Mercedes-Benz fans. The German carmaker has recently unveiled its plan about the electric vehicles it is expected to bring in the coming years. We all have witnessed the new product brand by Mercedes in the last Paris Motor Show, where the company showcased EQ, its electric mobility. And now it seems like this concept will soon take the form of reality.

Mercedes-Benz Unveil Electric Vehicles

At the motor show, the company also unveiled another concept vehicle under the 'close to production' category and the motor was named as Concept EQ that is expected to hit the grounds of reality by 2020. And now to execute its plan, the company is soon establishing one of the biggest and most modern plants at Kamenz in Germany. To be built with an estimated cost of around 500 million Euros, this will be the second factory of the brand focused towards lithium-ion batteries. By 2022, we could expect more than 10 new electric cars from the house of Mercedes and soon the technology is expected to dominate the other segments of the industry.

Mercedes-Benz Soon to Unveil Electric Vehicles

Also, the officials disclosed that in the coming years, the company is planning to expand its electric vehicle portfolio for which it will invest a hefty amount of 10 billion Euros. Though the first model of the sensational EQ lineup will come out from its Bremen plant by 2020, the EQ models for the luxury class will be produced at it Sindelfingen based plant. Seeing the consumers' interest towards a greener environment, the company predicts that by the end of year 2025, its electric cars may account 15-25% of the total sales, which may increase later on.

Mercedes-Benz Soon to Unveil Electric Vehicles

Apart from developing passenger electric vehicles, Mercedes-Benz is also planning to try its hands in the commercial electric vehicles too. To make this dream come true, the company has already come with an electric van concept, named as Fuso eCanter, which will enter into the phase of production next year. It will be the first pure-electric light van of the world. Apart from this, Mercedes has also tried its luck in the world's first heavy-duty fully-electric truck called 'Urban eTruck' along with a fully-electric city bus, both of which will go into production in 2018.

It looks like the German marque is all set to dominate the automobile industry with its whole lot of electric vehicles that sounds interesting and promising. It's not the time to see such news coming from its competitors such as BMW, Audi, Jaguar, etc.

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