Aston Martin DB4 GT Revived – The Legend is BACK

Jan 01, 1970
Aston Martin DB4 GT Revived – The Legend is BACK

“Heroes Get Remembered but LEGENDS NEVER DIE”

The legendary British marque, Aston Martin, is into the reviving of the old charm of its legend – the DB4 GT. Yes, you read it right! One of the most beautiful and enticing machines ever entered into the automobile history is on the verge of making the history again. The DB4 GT reminds us of the classic racing legacy of Aston Martin and the brand is resurrecting the legend again in limited numbers.

The company has announced that it will manufacture a limited number of 25 units of its iconic and classic DB4 GT for track-only purpose. Back then in 1959 also, Aston Martin DB4 GT, one of the most aspired road and race cars of its era, was manufactured in a limited amount of 75 units. It will not be wrong if we choose to call the DB4 GT as the precursor to the current era supercars.

Out of the 75 models built in the period of 1959 to 1963, only 8 were lightweight. The interesting fact is that most of these models are still alive and cost more than £3 million.

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Popular among the racers and car fanatics for its light weight and heavy power, the star earned victory to the legendary racer, Stirling Moss, in the 1959 at Silverstone. For the continuation series, the British carmaker is using the DB4’s 1st batch as the basis for the same. The batch consisted of only 8 lightweight models and it is likely for the company to build the new limited batch in Newport Pagnell in England, which is the home to the company’s Works heritage division.

Celebrating the continuation of one of the most iconic series of the family, Dr Andy Palmer, Aston Martin President and CEO, said, “Aston Martin has a rich and vibrant heritage, as you’d expect from a company that has been building some of the world’s finest sports cars for 103-years. Of those the DB4 G.T. stands proud as one of the most coveted of all. It’s a mark of Aston Martin’s breadth of abilities that in the same year we launched the DB11 - our most advanced ‘DB’ production car ever - we can also embark on an adventure such as the DB4 G.T. Continuation. A project that taps into the unique passion and skills that exist within Aston Martin, I’m thrilled we have the imagination and capability to offer 25 enthusiasts the unique opportunity to commission their own piece of Aston Martin history.”

The original DB4 GT was powered by the iconic straight-six 3.7-litre engine and was shorter, sleeker and lighter than its competitors. During its peak time, the car was the fastest sports cars in Britain and was considered to be the born winner.

The all new Aston Martin DB4 GT will be a perfect blend of modern techniques and old world craftsmanship. The company has taken a great care and attention to bless the new limited DB4 GT with improvised motor performance, braking system, safety features, and maneuvered handling without compromising the original feel and character of the legend.

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The first deliveries of the legendary Aston Martin DB4 GT will hopefully start from Q3 2017.

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