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  1. Evolution Never Stops

Evolution Never Stops

22nd December 2015
Evolution Never Stops

Technology keeps changing and so do desires. It's our desires that give way for inventions. Many automobile companies do tinker about and create newer, more efficient ways to improve their performance and enhance their styling. Different people have different insights, but when a company wants to meet the satisfaction level of their customers, they need to make a product carrying a bundle of features, attracting car fanatics in one sitting and accelerate their satisfaction levels to heights they crave.

Nissan did an amazing job in this sector by launching "Nissan's GT-R". An amazing and powerful ride which will make you feel like you are the only person who is driving the future while everybody else is still stuck in 1842.

Now, if you go for specifications, nothing comes close to the GT-R's 545 hp, 0-60 mph times of less than 3.0 seconds, or its brilliant all-wheel-drive handling. The GT-R doesn't lack for a possessing style, but it doesn't quite live up to iconic outlines of Astons, Ferraris or Lamborghinis, either. Its jagged outline reads more tuner car, more body kit, than instant classic. The components cut interesting swaths across its luxury-coupe outline: a tomahawk cut at the roofline chops into the rear end, and carbon fiber trim gives the plain interior just a dab of intrigue--given more panache with the red-and-black Recaros in Black Series models.

The Nissan GT-R has the safety equipment we expect to find in any modern luxury car, and some necessary features we routinely see now in sports cars and supercars. Features are as respectable as they can be without begging any mention of plush or luxurious (that it is not), but all the basics are included, as well as a great 3D navigation system, Bose audio, and Bluetooth. Take the Premium Interior package it goes a long way to correcting the inexpensive looking cockpit, the GT-R's most visible flaw and you'll have a grade luxury in a car with NASA grade acceleration.


Evolution Never Stops

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