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Looking to buy a used Volvo car in Pune ? Well, look no more…

A luxury that defines perseverance and aristocracy


About our luxury, expert-verified, used Volvo car

Volvo has dedicated worldwide following. And it’s for all good reasons. Volvo is a swedish automobile company. Sweden a country you wouldn't expect to be on the best car manufacturer list. The automobile company was founded on the St. Jacobs holiday, by Assar Gabrielsson and Gustav Larsson in Stockholm on 25th July 1924 Volvo in latin mean, ‘i spin’ or more loosely, ‘ roll’ and the world has been rolling to the cars’ tune since the very first car Volvo ÖV 4 left the factory on 14 April 1927.

Volvo cars are designed keeping in mind your living pattern and then weaving the same with utmost care and precision to bring out the result desired by you. The craftsmanship is simply breathtaking and is created to make your journey memorable. They take their safety seriously and it is evidently seen as every Volvo car comes with a built-in SOS system – Volvo on Call.

The verve of Pre owned Volvo

Volvo is unique, a separate class of cars. In fact, in 141, volvo touched a landmark of selling 50,000 vehicles which was considered a great feat considering the second world war which was in full swing.

The company boasts its car’s safety and produces cars that are considered t be safest the in the world. They have a sturdy shell, a myriad of airbags, radar bed cruise control, run-off road protection system and driver alert control. If you live where it’s humid, rains or snows a lot a pre-owned luxury volvo might be the best and safest car for you.

  • Volvo XC90

    - A premium SUV that comes with uncluttered luxury, pure and harmonious design and advanced safety features. The 7-seater vehicle has crystal gear shift lever, four-way electric lumbar support and to sweeten the pot, ventilated front seats with massage function.

Put safety first with second hand Volvo

In a used volvo you wouldn’t look anything less than a person of means. A person with classy background and solid fortune.

With Big Boy Toyz you needn’t be worried about the quality and performance of the car as our trained specialists go through multiple checkpoints to ensure you get nothing less than the best. The cars are certified and affordable, then what are you waiting for? Book an appointment at out Pune dealership of second hand cars.

Pune offers the best drives

Termed as the most livable city in 2018, Pune is the best place you can drive in. The city has got something for everybody. Pune is a city where every ride is magical. Pune has the best environment one could ask for. The city is filled with rich history of the maratha empire with various architectural monuments. No matter if you’re craving a walk on the beach or an early morning tea in the hills. Pune is only hours aways from it all. That’s why you need a pre owned big boy toyz car in the city, because every beautiful city deserves luxurious cars on the road.

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