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  1. This Stunning Coachbuilt Corvette Is The American Dream

This Stunning Coachbuilt Corvette Is The American Dream

09th March 2016

“It was built in Italy…then it went to the Paris auto show, got great reviews…This is unusual: that someone without great wealth could go and show the great coachbuilders in Italy and Europe his model, and to pull it off—it’s kind of the American dream to be able to do something like that..It’s like a Van Gogh you can drive” This Coachbuilt Corvette is a wanderers car. And when we say wanderer we mean every bit of the word. The car with its wide not just plain wide but super wide windscreen makes you feel really out there and the all one one comprehensive driving experience ideology makes one drive miles and miles. It is definitely the kind of car that would make you quote a poem or turn you into a poet itself. “Miles to go Before I sleep”

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