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  1. This Pontiac Firebird Trans Am Has Been Transformed

This Pontiac Firebird Trans Am Has Been Transformed

06th April 2016

“I always wanted a V8, manual, rear-drive and then there was Smokey and the Bandit, When I moved here to America this is the only place in the world where I can really own one. I needed something to do, so we found this car and flew to Alabama, picked it up at the airport and it sort of just evolved into what it is today. I like the mechanicalness of it. I like the engine bay, I like that you can see the injectors, and plug for ECU. There’re no wheel arches in there, so you can see the uprights and the roll bar,” says Gregg Hamilton. One can easily understand from the tone of Hamilton’s voice how passionate he is for his Trans Am. And why wouldn’t he be. After all it is Pontiac.“It’s not always about the drive for me. It’s about the build of it. It’s about tinkering with it” in the words of a true car enthusiast we find true meaning of loving a car.

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