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  1. This Mercury Cyclone Now Twists Through Norwegian Backroads

This Mercury Cyclone Now Twists Through Norwegian Backroads

16th March 2016

"I made my mind up when I was a kid, that I have to work with cars, nothing else…I can't do anything else. The one good thing about the Cyclone is when I get bored of working on my cars, I can always drive that, because that's in good shape." Says Alexander Brevik. The way Brevik says "My name is Alexander Brevik and I drive a Mercury Cyclone" you can certainly hear the degree of pride that he holds in owning this beauty. All the cars that Brevik owns are project cars and that lack of a proper garage space one would usually notice them spread out in his backyard but then that doesn't stop him from taking others under his wing. This time around he is a man with a new mission so if you see a Cyclone on the Norwegian roads you'll know it's our very own champion behind the wheels.

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