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  1. The Petrolicious Guide To Driving Tastefully In Italy

The Petrolicious Guide To Driving Tastefully In Italy

07th April 2016

A traveller may or may not be a car enthusiast but a car enthusiast is a traveller by blood and since birth. They constantly dream of travelling the best places in the planet in their favorite car. Italy, for one, has been a definitely a point of interest for both; the travellers and the car enthusiasts. For traveller it has always been the city and its smell, the food and the people and of course its rich culture and for the car enthusiasts it is obviously the high-end ITALIAN DESIGN. What could one do in 40 secs is actually described in this video. Just 40 secs is what it takes you to get a glimpse of being a car enthusiast with a traveler's heart. Well it isn’t just about cars all the time right?

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