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  1. The Garden of Wraith - by Rolls Royce

The Garden of Wraith - by Rolls Royce

29th April 2016

When Beauty is personified, this is how it looks. And it looks better than beauty. The beautiful Garden of Wraith and enhancing its beauty our very much loved Rolls Royce. You see the spirit of ecstasy and the flowers blooming together like never ever. What you expect is probably marveling the combined beauty of both is what the theme of the video is. But the second after the driver sits in the car is the biggest surprise of this lifetime. Ya we did exaggerate that a little bit but then it does come as a shocker! For one it’s a Rolls, the other fact is that it is DRIFTING and drifting like a pro and the biggest mind blowing fact is that all this action is happening live in a garden. Well that’s enough chatter from our side for more go and check the video out!

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