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  1. The Alfa Romeo Heritage Guardian

The Alfa Romeo Heritage Guardian

16th February 2016

Have we ever wondered who are the real Heroes behind these Car gods? Marco Fazio is a modern day Hero when it comes to Alfa Romeo. He is the encyclopedia to Alfa Romeo's history and a gatekeeper to all the facts and Figures. Started in 1906, This beauty though a beast in the league of super cars has come a long way. Been a part of racing. the history of Alfa Romeo has been very colourful and the man who could open a door on it is the man himself, Mr. Fazio. They say "Need to know where your 1964 Giulia Spider was first sold and what its original color was? He's one email away". As the Custodian of all Alfa Romeo archives, He is every one's go-to person in all the museums.

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