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  1. Scaling the Guallatiri volcano

Scaling the Guallatiri volcano

28th March 2016

And when we were in school, reading about volcanos fascinated us to such amazing extent. The volcanos, their types and the formation of lava.. Wow wasn’t that something. After so many years again life has come to a point for these three men where they have to encounter the whereabouts of a Volcano but this time not in the books. Scaling the Guallatiri volcano is the agenda of these three musketeers. They are here to map the roads by their cars. The track around the volcano though is a shortcut but how tough would it get soon nobody knows. The height and the heat both are a big disadvantage. The engine and the men both need air, but at such a height there is and will be dearth of air. Now this tough situation is or isn’t going to break them. Who breaks down first the car or the men. All these questions will be answered only once you go and watch the video.

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