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  1. Petersen Automotive Museum Features Pixar's Cars

Petersen Automotive Museum Features Pixar's Cars

30th March 2016

Yes we do talk about power or precisely horsepower like almost all the time. And yes, we do go crazy about big bold and beautiful sedans and supercars. Almost all the time we keep repeating how the latest Hypercar stole our hearts. But that's not all we are concerned with. Like the typical car enthusiasts we do love the fast and the furiousness but unlike the stereotypical we love to explore stories from in and around the world. Just like this amazing Automotive museum which invites Kids to learn more about cars through their favorite Disney character, Pixar’s car. This character that the kids go crazy about tells them everything they need to know about how a car works and what goes beneath the beautiful shell. Maybe it would inspire one of the kids to take one of the cars under their wings and restore them.

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