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  1. Nissan-GTR-Vs-a-Woman


05th April 2016

The first thought in your head that pops up is: “Is this even a race?” After you struggle to ignore that thought and go ahead to watch the video the next thought that pops in your head is “ Is this really a RACE?”. Ignoring the second and majorly modified thought you go ahead motivating yourself all the way along that something extraordinarily interesting will definitely come up. And after finally watching the video you again think “Was this really anything worth watching.” Well if you ask us, it is.If you look from a stereotypical car enthusiasts perspective you are in for a lot of disappointment. But if you look at it with the thought that what else can one do with supercar then you are definitely in for a 3 minutes of fun. It is surely funny and crazy but then that’s the charm.

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