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  1. Broadley T76 on board footage

Broadley T76 on board footage

14th April 2016

From the moment you see the car till the time you open the door and sit inside you’re definitely left in a trance. The charm of this car is such that one can not let seep inside make one go all week in the knees. Broadley ensures that you get the original T76 experience despite being a beautiful recreation that it is. One can easily say it is an intuitive car. Very precisely it knows what the road holds ahead and what the driver needs. It isn’t like you driving the car but the car guiding you. How amazing is that?! This is one kind of car where one just keeps giving adjectives to it. Every part and component of the car is a poetry. A very ferocious car, Broadley is one to look out for. Looks easy and simple but holds much more under its hood. If you're considering it as ancient ready to reside in the grave then beware for it's been recreated to haunt the road for few more ages.

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