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Masterpiece of simplicity, Rolls-Royce Ghost is born to forge the silent path

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About Ghost

The penultimate in luxury, Rolls-Royce was, is and will always be considered as the pinnacle of refined automobile exuberance. The company has one of the richest histories in automobile world and is an instantly recognizable symbol across the world. Patronized by the crème de la crème, it is the automobile to be seen in, and it is an often quoted lore that the loudest noise you could hear inside the Rolls-Royce is the ticking of the clock.

Well living to the legacy of Rolls-Royce, the Ghost with its cutting-edge technology is counted among the most advanced cars available in the car's market in India as well as abroad. Effortless power, the root of simplicity, top-of-the-line luxury features and high standard of safety – what more could a car aficionado ask for? Engineered with precision, Rolls-Royce Ghost is designed for an exotic driving experience that becomes intuitive with each ride and the smart technology is trained to deliver better intelligence than before.

Pre-owned Rolls-Royce Ghost – An Incarnation

A masterpiece in every sense, the Rolls-Royce Ghost embodies the sensuous simplicity and is considered as the definitive manifestation of vibrant indulgence. Rolls-Royce has equipped Ghost with a lot of cutting edge technologies and unheard level of bespoke luxury. Being extraordinary is the benchmark of every Rolls-Royce and the host of power-packed technologies make this beast a dynamic and modern piece of art. The grace, elegance, vigor and spirit of the Ghost are more than enough to cast a spell with just one look but owning is this beauty is not that easy. You ought to have a rich background if you want to drive this spell-charmer as the Rolls-Royce Ghost price is something that you can only think of being behind the wheels in your dreams. Does that hurt?

Well, we have a solution for this problem. It is not that only the riches can enjoy having an exotic ride in this beauty as with the flourishing second-hand cars market all around the world, getting a pre-owned Rolls-Royce Ghost won’t be a big trouble. So you are scared of the word – second hand. Right? We can understand your fear and that is why we are offering a solution that can remove the word ‘fear’ from your dictionary.

Big Boy Toyz, a renowned name in the pre-owned luxury car market, is the key player in its segment and is based out of Delhi NRC. It is authorized to buy and sell used luxury cars at the best prices. All the cars go through a strict process of checking, verification, and certification by the authorized bodies before they are displayed for sale. So we guarantee quality because we know that our customers’ satisfaction is our key to success and hence is our utmost priority. Either you want to buy a 2010 year model or a 2011 pre-owned Rolls-Royce Ghost, we have a range of products from various premium brands that do not let you compromise on any front, be it performance or speed.

Want to Explore? Second Hand Rolls-Royce up for Sale

The world of exotic premium cars from luxury brands such as Audi, BMW, Ferrari, Porsche, Aston Martin, Rolls-Royce, etc. is huge and to be a member of this alluring world one need to pay a heavy cost to maintain the royalty. But now no need to face the mental torture anymore for not able to own your dream car due to a shortage of finance, as the option of purchasing a second-hand Rolls-Royce Ghost up for sale is always open. At Big Boy Toyz, you will not only find the car of your choice at best price but also the financial help that makes your buying process easy and hassle-free with easy EMI options available at your doorstep.

But before you decide to invest your money in buying a used Rolls-Royce Ghost that is available for sale in the showroom at the Delhi-Gurgaon highway, we would like you to have a close inspection to the various unique characteristics of the Ghost, which make it one of the closest things to our heart. Have a look:

Bespoke Luxury - Rolls-Royce is the last word in bespoke luxury and Ghost is no exemption. The choices are limited only by your imagination. Each Ghost is hand built to order and gives you the opportunity to tailor the car exactly like you want – from subtle touches, such as design highlights inside, to extravagant touches, such as one-off paint scheme or an interior done with the wood of your choice – and may be from a tree from your estate.

Simplicity Reborn - Ghost is the classic example of a Rolls-Royce – no exuberant body lines, no bold and brash fascia – the design oozes simplicity and restraint elegance. The lines are fluid and dynamic, there is restrained sculpturing at the front to give the car a powerful look and the iconic grill with the spirit of ecstasy adds a touch of class which no other marque can.

Hand Built to perfection - Each Ghost is hand built by more than 60 pairs of hand at Goodwood. Each car gets 5 coats of paint over seven days, and high gloss clear lacquer. After this, each car is hand polished for at least five hours to create the mirror like signature Rolls-Royce finish. Each wood veneer is individually chosen and polished and lacquered to highest of standards and fitted with utmost precision. Suffice to say, for Rolls-Royce, building a car is not a process, but an art.

The Experience - Ghost is a car that is built to be driven – the hands crafted interior cocoons you in luxury and the supremely comfortable and ergonomically placed controls makes even the longest of the drive, an effortless affair. The car comes with a 6.6-liter V12 engine with two turbos and does 0 to 100 km/h in 4.9 seconds. The Ghost comes with state-of-the-art heads up display, the intuitive rotary controller, voice recognition, infrared camera, magic carpet intelligent air suspension, etc.

So, are you ready to bring home the dream car of yours? Tighten your belts and visit the showroom now before someone else grabs the golden opportunity!

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