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Looking to buy a used Porsche car in Pune ? Well, look no more…

Excellence defines Porsche and our inventory is a live example


About our luxury, expert-verified, used Porsche car

The company was founded by Ferdinand Porsche who was a chief engineer for mercedes benz in the year 1931 by the name of  Dr. Ing. h. c. F. Porsche GmbH. The first porsche, ‘Porsche 64’ was released in the year 1938. During the war, the company played an important role in producing tanks but had to cease doing so, as many volkswagen plants were bombed. In 1947 everything went back to normal and the company produced its first grand prix racing car in Austria. The brand has gained immense popularity since then.

Magnificence of second hand porsche cars

When you say Porsche you mean performance. The company has most probably won maximum number of races throughout its racing career. Who wouldn’t want to be attached to a name like that? I would and i’m sure you would too. The ever simple porsche logo was cemented when the car entered the united states market in 1952. Before this, the company just stamped ‘Porsche’ on the hood of the cars. Porsche is a company admired by racers and car lovers alike. Here are the used models available with Big Boy Toyz:

  • Boxster

    - In 1996 Boxster was the first Porsche's road vehicle to be originally designed as a roadster since the 550 Spyder. The name is in reference to the flat/ boxer engine. The first generation Boxster had 2.5-litre flat six-cylinder engine but with every new generation, the engines and their performance keeps on increasing.
  • Cayman

    - A mid engined two seater sports car, caymean gets its name from caimen, reptile belonging to the alligator family. The car is available with a 6 as well as a 7 speed transmission. It has the best weight distribution and is one of the best cars in the market.
  • 911

    - A classic that comes with a great name and legacy. 911 is a high performance rear engined sports car.  It has a rear-mounted six cylinder boxer engine and all round independent suspension.It’s one of the oldest sports car that are still in production.
  • Panamera

    - A front engined executive car, Panamera is available as both two-wheel drive and four-wheel drive. It’s the only sedan manufactured by Porsche. The normal panamera gives an acceleration of 0-100 km/h in 5.7 seconds and exhibits top speed of 264 km/h.
  • Cayenne

    - It’s a 5 door crossover SUV. It offers a 3.6-litre V6 petrol engine with 8-speed Tiptronic S transmission.The car is extremely spacious and accelerates from 0-100km/h in 6.2 seconds and gives the maximum speed of 245 km/h.

Drive your Pre-owned Porsche home

A Porsche is what real dreams are made of. Porsche is an expression of freedom, the freedom to be, the freedom to soar and the freedom to love. Love and be loved by a second hand porsche. We know the only thing that’s stopping you from buying a used porsche is the quality.

Well you need not worry about that. The cars go through multiple steps of verification ensuring optimum appearance and performance. The prices have also been carefully selected based how loved the car was by its previous owners. Now that all your worries have been sorted, book and appointment with Big Boy Toyz. Check our porsche inventory in person, pick the car you instantaneously fall for and take it home!

Pune offers the best drives

Termed as the most livable city in 2018, Pune is the best place you can drive in. The city has got something for everybody. Pune is a city where every ride is magical. Pune has the best environment one could ask for. The city is filled with rich history of the maratha empire with various architectural monuments. No matter if you’re craving a walk on the beach or an early morning tea in the hills. Pune is only hours aways from it all. That’s why you need a pre owned Big Boy Toyz car in the city, because every beautiful city deserves luxurious cars on the road.

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