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Looking to buy a used Porsche car in Kolkata ? Well, look no more…

What makes this beast the most adored brand - its beauty and speed!


About our luxury, expert-verified, used Porsche car

A Porsche is like a thoroughbred that is straining on its leash waiting to break free. Porsche is a German brand that is renowned for producing high-performance sports cars that are a nice blend of great looks and offers astounding performance.

Ferdinand Porsche who was a chief engineer at Mercedes Benz created this brand in 1931. From the very beginning, the engineers at Porsche always worked towards designing and building a lightweight car that will outperform its rivals on the racetrack.

Every single model of Porsche offers the riders a power-packed riding experience that will leave you wanting for more. There is a huge demand for well maintained pre-owned Porsche cars in the used luxury car market in India.

Well Maintained Pre-owned Porsche Cars in Your City!

Porsche is one of the most popular cars that auto enthusiast all over the world aspire to own and drive. However, the stratospheric price of these cars is a big hindrance for those who are on a limited budget.

Such people should not lose heart as they can get a beautifully maintained pre-owned Porsche car at a highly discounted price. When you are looking for a second hand luxury car, then the first issue you will face is finding out a dealer who you can trust to get the best quality car that does not have any maintenance issue.

Big Boy Toyz is one of the top used luxury car dealers in India where you will get premium quality cars at amazing prices. It is our standard official policy to check each car in our inventory and only after we are completely satisfied with the condition, they are offered for sale.

Additionally, to give our customers an added benefit, we offer a limited period warranty on all the cars displayed in our showroom. Some of the Porsche car models we have displayed in our showroom are as follows:

  • Boxster

    - It is a beautiful looking two-seater sports car. It is a favourite amongst those who love speed and enjoy the open-air configuration of a roadster.
  • Cayman

    - A stylish looking coupe that gives you the experience of riding on a powerful sports car with all the bells and whistle included.
  • 911

    - A smooth looking high performance sports car is blessed with a powerful engine that will give you an unrivalled experience.
  • Panamera

    - A luxury saloon car is designed to give the riders a superlative riding experience that will be hard to forget.
  • Cayenne

    - This powerful SUV from the stable of Porsche is a powerful performer that is fitted with the latest features ensuring the riders get an unmatched experience.

Enjoy the Luxury and Precise Driving Ability of a Second Hand Porsche Car

Big Boy Toyz Kolkata showroom is heaven for auto enthusiasts who will find a range of tested and verified second hand Porsche cars. So, come, look, and choose the best model that you like and will be optimum for your requirement.

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