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Looking to buy a used Porsche car in Chennai ? Well, look no more…

When you fall short of words to describe a brand, it’s Porsche!


About our luxury, expert-verified, used Porsche car

If you love high-performance sports cars, then you must have heard about the Porsche brand. The brand was conceived by the chief engineer of Mercedes-Benz, Ferdinand Porsche.

He wanted to build a thoroughbred race car that gave the riders the experience of amazing raw power unmatched by any of its rivals. He introduced the first model of the car named Porsche 64in 1938 and it became an immediate hit with the speed enthusiasts.

This brand has not looked back from there and is now considered one of the top premium brands in the world. The biggest USP of the Porsche brand is its performance, the throaty growl of the engine and the pulsating speed will simply wow you.

All Porsche models have amazing designs that not only help them to give an outstanding performance but also help them stand out in a crowd. Therefore, if you are looking for a great speedster, then go for a Porsche.

Pre-owned Porsche Cars -Incredible Experience

If you are looking for a brand-new Porsche, then be prepared to pay a ton of money. If your budget is limited, then we suggest you to plan for a pre-owned Porsche car from a reputable dealer in your city.

Big Boy Toyz is one of the most trusted second hand luxury car dealers in India with showrooms in different parts of the city. We have recently opened one showroom in the Chennai city where you will get top-quality Porsche cars at highly discounted prices.

  • Boxster

    - It is a sports car that simply believes in action and is fully designed for a thrilling sporty experience.
  • Cayman

    - It derives inspiration from the 2nd and 3rd generation Boxster and is currently one of the best sports cars that one can think of.
  • 911

    - Porsche and 911 are each other’s identity since 1963. This legendary class of the Porsche has shown improvement on every front with every new high performance model.
  • Panamera

    - It is a full luxury sedan that is designed for those who can’t compromise on any front when it comes to delivering performance, power and class.
  • Cayenne

    - This SUV is popular with the name of Decathlete among its sports cars’ family. It is spacious and comfortable from inside and beast from outside.

Additionally, our unconditional after sale limited period warranty should take away any concern you might have in buying a used luxury car.

Second Hand Porsche Cars - We Offer You the Best Deals

If you are in Chennai and planning to buy a second hand Porsche car, then Big Boy Toyz is the place for you. Our showroom in Chennai offers well-maintained and certified pre-owned luxury cars from various popular brands.

As far as the pricing is concerned, don’t worry as you will get the best deal in the market. All our cars are in excellent condition to give you the best user experience. So, come and see which of the Porsche beauties wows you.

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