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Looking to buy a used Porsche Cayenne car ? Well, look no more…

Making a bucket list? Add a Porsche Cayenne in it. Just in case!


About our luxury, expert-verified, used Porsche Cayenne car

As Jim Rohn once said, “If you really want to do something, you’ll find a way. If you don’t, you’ll find an excuse”. Ferdinand Porsche could not find a car he had dreamt of, so he decided to make one and thanks to him, today we have a brand that has been the top most choice amongst car enthusiast since the day it brought out its first model. With models like 911 that even after so many years is still the most popular car, Porsche has established itself as the leader in automotive industry. Apart from 911, the brand has one more marvel under its umbrella: Porsche Cayenne. With a timeless design and an amazing performance on the road, even Cayenne is ruling the car market of both India and abroad.

Rule the Road with a Pre-Owned Porsche Cayenne

The best always find the best company. Brands like Porsche and Ferrari find themselves on the top of the wishlist of every person who attains success. Who can be a better example than a celebrity? Miley Cyrus who became a teen sensation after her show Hannah Montana and John Meyer both own a Porsche Cayenne. What more? This car has been a part of some extraordinary love tales. Mariah Carey, a legendary singer got a customized Pink Porsche Cayenne from her ex-husband Nick Cannon who with the help of DUB magazine gifted the car to his wife. Well, when you have Mariah Carey for a wife, you can’t settle for ordinary!

A 5-door Crossover SUV available in all fuel types, that is; Petrol, Diesel, and Hybrid! Porsche Cayenne is one of the famous 21st-century cars from the company powered by V6 and V8 motors. Available in engine capacity ranging from 3.2-Litre to 4.8-Litre, it has won many hearts for its power-packed performance and dynamic looks. It is also one of the first V8 engine cars produced by Porsche since 1995. With so many features, the car has definitely wooed SUV lovers but buying it is not that easy. This car like all Porsche cars carry a hefty price tag and therefore, can only be owned by a few. But you can join the elite club through a used Porsche Cayenne and the perfect place to buy one would be Big Boy Toyz, a leading player in the pre-owned exotic luxury cars in India and based out of Delhi-NCR.

But before you go on to purchase a pre-owned Porsche Cayenne up for sale, you need to be aware of the amazing features this car offers:

Transmission Availability - Offered with both manual and automatic 6-speed transmissions, the car gives flexibility of choosing to adventure-lovers and smooth car drivers.

Robust Looks and Design - Being an SUV, it has a strong frame structure and with modern design alongside latest aesthetics, the car is both safe and stylish.

Inside the Cabin - Spacious cabin, ample features, comfortable seats, and gadget rich dashboard paves the way for a fast and luxury ride.

Engine Options - Motors ranging from 3.2-litre with 250hp to 4.8-litre having 540hp provide a wide array of choices for buyers depending on their need of power.

Yeah! You heard it right! Second Hand Porsche Cayenne is Up for Sale

Equipped with modern era features and cozy interiors, there is nothing extra you could ask for while driving a Porsche Cayenne. The front engine architecture helps the car to perform on different terrains and the turbo version could stretch the limits better than most of the diesel powered SUVs. Regular facelift and modifications of it have also made sure that the car is never out of the picture when market talks about luxury and powerful Crossover SUVs.

Whether it’s on the road or not, it will always be on the list of a car admirer. Everyone makes a wish list but most of the times, it goes into the trash bin. Those who have guts to fulfill the wishes are already driving a Porsche. You too can! If a new car and its price are stopping you from living up to your dream then, we have a solution. Instead of shelling out a large sum of money on a new car, you can always go for a second hand Porsche Cayenne up for sale. As mentioned earlier, Big Boy Toyz can help you in buying one. From 2008 model to the latest 2014 pre-owned Porsche Cayenne, we’ve it all at our showroom located at the Delhi-Gurgaon highway. Though pre-owned, the showroom never compromises on quality and this is evident from the fact that the cars are put on sale only after they are well certified and verified.

So, visit BBT and purchase your own Second hand Porsche Cayenne!

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