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About Nissan

The Ace Japanese

The Japanese sageness and wisdom knows no bounds in the automotive arena, the direct outcome of which is Nissan.

To thrill the driver faction with an altered and diverse phenomenality on the race tracks, Nissan has in its armor the superlative and supreme GT R which is a dedicated “man of action” as a declaration.

So ain’t no stopping the protagonist for now and let’s see where we are heading in this full fledged discussion.

The excitement around Pre owned, used and new Nissan cars

Are we thinking the same as you too?

If you are planning for a maxim relationship with the GT R from Nissan, then our doors at Big Boy Toyz would serve as a gateway to the PDQ liberation.

Were you getting these forward looking signals early on also?

As you may come to a conclusion that only BBT does the purest and cleanest retailing of GTRs in the country based on a strict platform for verification along with no compromise on the condition and maintenance of cars.

  • Nissan GT-R

    - Following the treasured momentum and agility formularizations, the Nissan GTR urges you to do the never imagined tarmac stuff with its ever ready sinew and thew.

Perhaps the lone and the only one from a series of..........oops it has its own single category!

The Japanese daredevil, the Nissan  GTR won’t need a repetitive sequel to make Bangalore its destined zone of venting the leviathan horsepower within.

It will be a one timer benchmarked portraying to quickly get the other rivals acquainted with the GTR’s treasured potentiality.

And more so pinpointing its origins to Big Boy Toyz Gurgaon, Delhi and Mumbai, there is no stopping the extra deluge of exotic bringing ons.

Count on your increased incoming rate of marvelings as your GTR brings out the ingrained mettle and valor out on the tramac for a few minutes of ecstatic stunt executing to leave the Bangalore natives in a state of wonderment.

Perhaps the lone and the only one from a series of..........oops it has its own single category!

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