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Looking to buy a used Mercedes Maybach car in Mumbai ? Well, look no more…

Even though your's old model cars have an impact on a worldwide audience. Then too, the new model is succeeding and, the product line is growing then the name of the brand is Mercedes-Benz.

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About our luxury, expert-verified, used Mercedes Maybach car

There is an amazing story of Mercedes Maybach. It is the German luxury car that was named as a standalone ultra-luxury car in 2002. Which was acquired by Daimler Benz. However, when the graph of sales rate was slanting down, in 2013, it ceased to be a standalone brand. Which later becomes the sub-brand of Mercedes and part of it. But, with many modifications and developments by using advanced technology. Mercedes Maybach is one of the best-selling models of Mercedes-Benz in the worldwide market today.

About the Used Mercedes Maybach!

Are you looking to buy a luxury car? Searching? for a perfect one? Then, Mercedes Maybach will be one of them. This Mercedes Maybach is worth the money, a real, mesmerizing luxury car, trust our words, you will be remained 'WOW' when you experience it. Where everything comes with Mercedes Maybach is luxurious. But, the price range is demotivating you? Of course, it will! Because you are looking for a luxury car like Mercedes Maybach Sedan. But, need not worry, we suggest you divert from a brand new one to a second-hand Mercedes Maybach. This will fix in your pocket-price and also, will you the same luxurious experience. Do you know, what all things come with used Mercedes Maybach? Well, not to surf more! We have brought it for you… The royal look of the best car in the world is similar to other models of Mercedes-Benz sedan. The royal feel comes with the 3D logo of Mercedes-Benz at the front. You can observe that the dimensions of the Mercedes Maybach sedan are quite good. The length is increased and overall, it looks bulky and royal. You can avail the Mercedes Maybach in your favorite color. When you step into Mercedes Maybach, the real luxury begins, where there is no limit to comfort. The seats are like made in heaven, especially rear seats. You get good quality leather seats with the electronic convertible button on each door. Through which you can control every seat of the car. The ventilated seats with headrest and footrest are awesome. The legroom! No words for it, you feel like sitting on a relaxed chair. Whereas, the front ones are cozy and good for driving. The infotainment system and cluster system enable various premium features of Mercedes Maybach. Along with common safety features, you get premium safety measures. Which can be only found in supercars.

Used Mercedes Maybach's Driving Dynamics!

Comfortable, luxurious, and relax driving is for sure, you will experience in the Mercedes Maybach. It is equipped with 4.7 L, Twin Turbocharged, V8 engines, and 9G Tronic Automatic 700 Transmission. The peak power is 460 PS @ 5250 RPM, and peak torque is 700 NM @ 1800 RPM. Coming to the driving dynamics, you get an automatic drive option, where Mercedes Maybach runs on its own with the help of radar. Along with that, you get different driving options such as comfort, Sportback, and a few more. These all make the Mercedes Maybach, a luxury car like never before.

Buy the Used Mercedes Maybach from Big Boy Toyz!

You won't believe our words until you experience the Mercedes Maybach. But, the luxury car is expensive, and Mercedes Maybach is the most luxurious. So, the price of Mercedes Maybach will blow your mind. So, we suggest you go for a used Mercedes Maybach, which is available at a reasonable price in Mumbai. We have our store in Andheri (East), Mumbai. Where you can buy this certified, used Mercedes Maybach. Where the price is set based on manufacturing date, the number of Kilometers the car drove, and not on the specifications. Due to this, we can bring you, your dream car at a reasonable price in your city.

About us? Big Boy Toyz

As the second-hand market is growing rapidly in India. Big Boy Toyz is growing the same way by being the leading player in the industry. We have 7600+ happy customers who trusted us and made Big Boy Toyz stood so strong in the market over decades. We think this is enough to drive you to us! But, wait! Let us explain our pre-selling process for second-hand cars. The process includes our concerned expert's team. Who analyzes the Mercedes Maybach, actually each car at our showroom and test them multiple times before settling on the sale. Necessary things are fixed that delivers you the performance, experience, quality, and look like a brand new car. Satisfied?! Then why wait for good happenings? Get the seat belt on and drive to our showroom to experience the luxurious certified, used Mercedes Maybach.

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