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  1. Mercedes-Benz
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Looking to buy a used Mercedes-Benz car in Chennai ? Well, look no more…

When it comes to luxury and class, nothing stands close to Merc!

About our luxury, expert-verified, used Mercedes-Benz car

Mercedes-Benz is one of the top premium automobile brands in the world. It is a subsidiary of Daimler AG and is credited with bringing some of the most revolutionary technologies in their models to make the riding experience of their customers unforgettable.

Being one of the best German brands, you can expect the highest level of engineering in all its models. The company right from its start in the year 1926 had always put the customer as their main focus around which they built their models. It not only give the riders an unmatched comfortable riding experience but also add to their social status.

The level of engineering, elegant styling and a wide gamut of safety and comfort features have made Mercedes-Benz the brand to go for people who wanted the best that money could buy in the market.

Live your Life King Size with Second Hand Mercedes-Benz Cars

If you are looking for a premium car, then it is but natural that the name of Mercedes-Benz will come on the top. However, the prices of a luxury brand like the Mercedes-Benz is very high which is why people tend to look at the pre-owned luxury car market to get the model that you like the most.

As Mercedes-Benz uses the best materials in manufacturing its cars, they tend to give optimum performance for several years. For this reason, there is a great demand for second hand Mercedes-Benz cars in the market.

Buying a luxury car from a pre-owned luxury car dealer is a risky thing as you cannot place your trust on all. Big Boy Toyz is a trusted dealer in the second hand luxury car market from where many renowned personalities too have made the purchase.

Big Boy Toyz has its showroom in Delhi, Mumbai, Ahmedabad and now it has made its space in the market of Chennai too. You can find a nice number of options in second hand Mercedes-Benz cars. Some of the models listed include:

  • GL

    - This SUV can easily accommodate 7 passengers and comes with top of the line safety features.
  • SLS

    - It is a supercar that comes with 7-speed dual clutch automatic and manual transmission options.
  • E Class

    - Designed for the executive class, this mid size executive car comes with distinctive features to mark its presence on road with its appearance and performance.
  • SLK

    - This beauty falls somewhere in between a roadster and a coupe and comes with a folding roof.
  • S Class

    - A saloon in appearance, the mighty S-Class is all ready to lead the world with its dynamic design. With S-Class starts the new era of mobility.
  • ML Class

    - It is a crossover SUV that is based on the platform used for GL-Class and GLK-Class.
  • G Class

    - It is also known as G-Wagen and is highly characterized by its boxy style that give it the appearance of a deadly beast.
  • Mercedes-Benz AMG

    - One of the most sought after vehicles of the luxury family, the AMG class by Mercedes-Benz has given a completely new definition to luxury and class.
  • Mercedes-Benz CLS

    - When it comes to define style in a single word, Mercedes-Benz CLS is the right and perfect example. Right from the daunting silhouette to alluring interiors, this class shows excellence in every domain.
  • Mercedes-Benz A-Class

    - With front-wheel drive and front mounted engine, the sporty appearance of this class makes it one of the most loved sports car of its genre.
  • Mercedes-Benz Maybach

    Designed for elite class, Mercedes-Benz Maybach will never let you down in terms of lavishness, sportiness, sexiness and above all classiness.

Pre-owned Mercedes-Benz- A Great Way to Ride a Luxury

If you are looking for a well-maintained pre-owned Mercedes car, then come to the Big Boy Toyz showroom in Chennai. Here we have a range of second hand luxury cars showcased at our showroom that are certified by engineers.

So, come, look and book the car of your choice before it’s too late!

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