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  1. Mercedes-Benz
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Looking to buy a used Mercedes-Benz car in Bengaluru ? Well, look no more…

When you think of royalty, think Mercedes!

About our luxury, expert-verified, used Mercedes-Benz car

For the purist takers, the three pointed star is an honest definition of luxury, exclusivity and panache to the hilt. Frame a dreamboat setting of a Mercedes Benz zooming along the Autobahn with the beautiful landscape on either side. Surreal isn’t it!

A scene stealer of all sorts, the technology and comfort are totally class apart.

And owning one instills pride and a sense of possessing something worthwhile.

The Ethereal taste of Pre owned New Mercedes Benz Cars

The technocrat from Stuttgart!

Explore its versatility at Big Boy Toyz.

To broaden your perspective, the revered star will shine in glitz and glory no matter whether it being a pre owned or a used one.

Step one cleared and to get you close to your dream is a renowned connecting link called Big Boy Toyz in New Delhi, Mumbai and Gurgaon which displays a poles apart collection of Mercedes cars that are qualitatively superior and have been through the mandatory dose of checkpoints.

Adding more, the customer is favored with a cost effective good bargain!

No compromises on any front then.

What more can one ask for?

  • C Class

    - One stint with the C Class and you conclude that the folks at Mercedes understand your needs and requirements so precisely and make it happen in the best possible way without any room for error.
  • GL Class

    - A slight glance of this beauty conveys that the designers have kept things simple, clear and not going over the top while still bringing out one of the classy architecture on four wheels.
  • SLS

    - A supercar in nature, SLS is available in front and rear wheel drive options.
  • E Class

    - A reliable comate, which showcases a fusion of breathtaking safety features and supreme luxury on offer! And this is what guarantees best results.
  • SLK 350

    - Drive it sedately, it obeys and a one enthusiastic pressing of the accelerator will send this beast lunge forward like a ballistic missile thereby garnering admiration from the crowd.
  • S Class

    - The S Class has been an epitome of uncompromised luxury and comfort together with being at the pinnacle of breathtaking technological breakthroughs and this proposition is surely elevated to the next level with the courtly rider.
  • ML Class

    - The talented star has the best learnings and wisdom to surge past the odd happenings! But be assured, it won’t let them arise only!
  • GL Class

    - A slight glance of this beauty conveys that the designers have kept things simple, clear and not going over the top while still bringing out one of the classy architecture on four wheels.
  • Mercedes-Benz AMG

    - The most sought after series globally, Mercedes-Benz AMG has an X factor that makes every car aficionado fall in love with her again and again.
  • Mercedes-Benz CLS

    - The vehicle’s alluring design language is an all -time favorite and continues to be an inspiration for many car manufacturers waiting to make their mark the Mercedes way someday.
  • Mercedes AMG GTS/GTR

    - The carbon fiber portrayers will continuously be the craving specimens for all and Mercedes hasn’t left any stone unturned for them to be the perfect attention seekers.
  • Mercedes AMG

    - What really transcends one’s inner confidence is the fervent ready and willing drilling that aptly delineates a stellar showcase of execution with its precise and effortless showcasing.
  • Mercedes Maybach

    - Composing an explicit coming through via the satiating high standard modicums, the Maybach is one of the top horse options that promises the longstanding gateways to luxury.

Bangalore is the city to drive a pre owned mercedes Benz in

As the introducers of technological breakthroughs in the automotive arena, Mercedes Benz will surely carve its own sweet identity to woo your passionate four wheel intellect which is located far away in Bangalore.

But there is no cause for concern as Big Boy Toyz with the most prolific Mercedes Inventory in its possession will bridge the gap within no time.

Its stores in Mumbai, Gurgaon and New Delhi will seem like next door localities to Bangalore so that you can give shape to your pie in the sky wish of owning a Mercedes Benz.

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