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Looking to buy a used Maybach car in Kolkata ? Well, look no more…

A name adored by every car aficionado!

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About our luxury, expert-verified, used Maybach car

Maybach, a luxury German brand is a subsidiary of Mercedes Benz, which is renowned for producing cars that offer unmatched luxury and power to the riders. Wilhelm Maybach and his sons launched this brand in 1909.

In 1960, the brand was sold to Daimler Benz and in 2015; it became a part of the extensive Mercedes Benz portfolio. Riding a Maybach gives you the ultimate experience of riding in the lap of luxury.

Therefore, if you are looking for a big car that offers you fantastic luxury features and unforgettable riding experience, then we suggest that you should invest in a used Maybach car from a reputable dealer.

A Wide Range of Pre-owned Maybach Cars at Big Boy Toyz

It is the dream of many to drive in the lap of luxury and what better way to do it than driving a Maybach. The name of this marquee German auto brand is associated with the best in terms of comfort, and safety features.

Driving in a Maybach is an unforgettable experience, as you will be cocooned in unparalleled luxury that will cut the hurly-burly of the outside world and let you ride in complete comfort.

However, owning this car is beyond the reach of middle class Indians, but if you are fixated on buying it, we suggest that you should look at the second hand luxury car market.

In India, there is a huge demand for used luxury cars and many reputable companies have entered this business. One such company called the Big Boy Toyz has made a huge reputation in the market for bringing in top of the line luxury cars that are in extremely good condition.

We have showrooms all over India and have recently opened one in Kolkata. Here you can get beautifully maintained pre-owned Maybach cars at very low prices. Some of the Maybach models that we have in our inventory are as follows:

  • S500

    - This big sedan with acres of space for the riders is a fitted with a large number of luxury features. The quality of its comfort elements and the superior driving experience it offers makes it a dream car to ride.
  • S600

    - This breathtakingly beautiful car will upgrade your status in your peer group.  The lavish passenger cabin, the range of safety elements, beautiful surround sound system, and superb driving dynamics make this model the best in its price bracket.
  • S560

    - With ultra luxury and top of the line features, this premium sedan belongs to the mighty S-class of Mercedes-Benz.

No Waiting Period for Buying a Second Hand Maybach

Get beautifully maintained second hand Maybach cars at amazing prices at the Big Boy Toyz Kolkata showroom. We test all our models extensively to ensure that you get the best product. Therefore, come, see these cars up close and personal, and choose one that you like the most.

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