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Looking to buy a used Maserati car in Mumbai ? Well, look no more…

Crafted with love and passion to drive you crazy!

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About our luxury, expert-verified, used Maserati car

Known for its tradition of innovation, Maserati has something unique in it that calls for everybody’s attention. Its sporty appearance, elegant style and power packed performance can easily make you fall in love with every product designed under its portfolio. Rodolfo Maserati, a railroad worker, established the brand that was carried forward by his children who too were passionate for precision engineering and love for speed, like their father.

Taking pride on its long and glorious legacy, the brand has been a consistent player in the history of the development of sports car and its culture. Being a strong competitor for Ferrari, its step-brother, Maserati has its presence in more than 70 global markets.

Pre-owned Maserati Cars – The Charm Will Never Fade Away

Since the luxury car market has reached to its next level of success, people are no more reluctant to buy a used luxury car, considering the condition is up to the mark and the dealer is authentic and fair in the dealings.

However, few years back finding the best dealer in this segment was a difficult task until Big Boy Toyz came into existence. BBT after winning many hearts in the National Capital of India has now spread its root to Mumbai and there you can find a nice collection of second hand Maserati cars that are well maintained and thoroughly checked. The collection includes:

  • GranTurismo

    - A coupe that has the power to steal your heart! The mighty Maserati Quattroporte V has the same platform that GranTurismo uses.
  • GranCabrio

    - This convertible beauty is both stylish and powerful with loads of state of the art features to make your ride comfortable and hassle free.
  • Quattroporte

    - It is a full size luxury sedan designed for those are serious about their status in the society. It is basically a tribute to the heritage models such as GranTurismo and others.
  • Ghibli

    - This Gran Tourer is named after a wind to define the speed and power it holds underneath. It is available as a Spyder and as a coupe both to suit the demands of its loyal customers.

Second Hand Maserati Cars – The Sale is ON

As now Big Boy Toyz has its branch in two major cities, reaching out to the dealer is no more difficult. So what are you waiting for? Visit Big Boy Toyz in Mumbai today and book your pre-owned Maserati car before it is too late!

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