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  1. Maserati
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Looking to buy a used Maserati car in Chandigarh ? Well, look no more…

Be it speed, passion or style, Maserati has all in it!

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About our luxury, expert-verified, used Maserati car

Maserati is one of the iconic Italian luxury car manufacturers is based in the city of Modena. Like its main competitor Ferrari, Maserati is known for its luxury sports cars that are known for their looks as well as amazing on-road performance. These ultra-luxurious cars come with an Italian timeless beauty.

Maserati models are for those who want to live their life on the fast track. While Maserati is known for producing hyper sports car, it also takes care to provide its discerning customers with a plush passenger cabin that is equipped with the latest safety and comfort features.

It's signature engine ground, and the low-slung design allows it to project an image of power and beauty. If you are looking for a second hand luxury car that will give you the experience of a sports car, then we suggest that you look for pre-owned Maserati cars.

Big Boy Toyz - The Best Place to Look for a Pre-owned Maserati Car!

Maserati cars are a huge status symbol, but they are available for a huge amount of money. However, if you dream of owning a Maserati but are constrained by your limited budget, then we suggest that you should go to a used luxury car dealer in your city.

In India, Big Boy Toyz is one of the well-known second hand luxury car dealers. We offer our clients the best quality pre-owned Maserati cars at a highly discounted rate. When you buy a car from our showroom then you get the assurance that each of the models was inspected thoroughly by a certified engineer and only after they cleared the cars for their quality we offer them for sale.

Some of the listed Maserati models include:

  • GranTurismo

    - It’s a coupe that first made public appearance at the Geneva Motor Show 2007 and comes with a 6-speed automatic tranny.
  • GranCabrio

    - This convertible is stylish, elegant, powerful and dynamic and is one of the best options available in its segment.
  • Quattroporte

    - A saloon in real sense, this beauty is what Maserati offers to give Ferrari a tough competition.
  • Ghibli

    - Maserati Ghibli is a grand tourer that can churn out a torque of 500Nm with up to 4500rpm.

Second Hand Maserati Car Available in Excellent Condition

if you are looking for a second hand Maserati car, then you should stop your search and go to the showroom of Big Boy Toyz in Chandigarh. We have a large collection of used Maserati cars available there. Go and choose the one that you like the most at an unbeatable price.

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