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  1. Maserati
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Looking to buy a used Maserati car in Bengaluru ? Well, look no more…

For the savant wise person

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About our luxury, expert-verified, used Maserati car

Carrying a sacramental & pious absorbing, the Italian automotive car manufacturer which has its origins from the resplendent city of Bologna, is a known transformer when it comes to portraying the heritage and glory of splendid Roman car designs and architecture.

There’s certainly more to the individualistic folk tale amidst the winsome Maserati lineup that renders the proceedings to be unique and poles apart just by their mere presence........

Opting to be the lead footer by deliberation has always been Maserati’s case history which it has enjoyed till date.

The exquisite world of Pre owned, used and New Maserati cars

Wanting to be up and close with the fantasized Trident signage which enjoyed the upper crust advantage in your bed room posters?

Owning a Maserati is equal to a dreamboat setting dressed with raptures of ecstasy. And you won’t need to delve deep down to find the authentic sources who will strike the first chord of trust and understanding with you.

For the ardent Trident enthusiasts, a glimpse of Big Boy Toyz’s attractive inventory brimming with Maseratis is more than enough to be the figurative narrator and do go through their informative listings just to be bowled over by the pricing structure and BBT’s in house caring gestures.

  • Gran Turismo/Gran Cabrio

    - A look at the splendid Trident  signage upfront on the beautiful GT from Modena  is in fact a delight to relish and what follows next is a deluge of never ending praises and adjectives.
    And you’ll not help but dwell yourself deep into the Italian history and culture for the harmonizing effect.
  • Quattroporte

    - An alluring architecture which gives nightmares to the neoteric exotic car designers as they always intend to overcome the legendary brand in at least one parameter!
  • Ghibli

    - The incomparable streak and successful run of the Maserati sees sunshine with the majestic and supreme Ghibli. Yes, the benchmark setter cannot be surpassed easily in all its prime and formidable domains.
  • Levante

    - The Italian clan’s work speaks of volumes of minute planning, meticulousness and care to smallest details for which the sleek looking Levante SUV provides the unaltered testimony and justification.

Best used Maserati cars in Bangalore !

Not being in the run of the mill rivalry, the Trident inscribed Maserati radiating every shade of its Italian up bringing stands tall with ingenuity and aptness to chart out the unusual.

It will surely give a new definition to your daily rides in Bangalore as you come face to face with the dexterity and passion of Roman engineering.

But who made you discover this new likeness and inclination for the sole Maserati?

A mere glimpse of the models on display at Big Boy Toyz in Mumbai, New Delhi and Gurgaon have made you define an all new chapter involving the gutsy Roman which is all ready to take on a new boulevard stint in Bangalore.

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