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Looking to buy a used Lexus car in Chennai ? Well, look no more…

Unique craftsmanship and peculiar design are its USP!

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About our luxury, expert-verified, used Lexus car

Lexus is the luxury brand of Toyota. This brand with footprints in more than 70 countries is known for its splendid performance, outstanding safety features and cool looks.

The concept of the first Lexus car was designed in the year 1983 and the first model under this brand was produced in 1989. Lexus with its unmatched comfort features and driving experience has become the most popular luxury car brand of Japan.

While there are operational centres of Lexus in Europe and USA, the cars are mostly manufactured in Japan which ensures that each model of this brand exhibits the same level of famed Japanese high-tech engineering.

Due to its advanced engineering and precision in every feature and part, the demand for used Lexus cars is increasing in the market of India.

Drive in Uber Comfort in a Pre-owned Lexus Cars

When you are in the market looking for a second hand luxury car, the main problem you may face is identifying the right dealer who will give you a quality product.

Big Boy Toyz is one of the most reputed pre-owned luxury car dealers in India. We have a robust system of checking every car that comes to us to find if it has any mechanical or other faults that might impair the driving experience of our customers.

Once our engineers okay a car for sale, we display it in our showroom. Thus, you should rest assured that the pre-owned Lexus car that you are planning to buy from us will give you a similar level of riding comfort as a brand-new car.

Therefore, come and look at the range of cars we are offering you at Big Boy Toyz Chennai showroom and select the one that you love the most. They include:

  • LS

    - It is the flagship sedan of the brand that comes with automatic tranny and V8 front engine.
  • LX

    - Popular as Toyota Land Cruiser, this 4-door SUV can easily accommodate 8 people comfortably.
  • RX

    - One of the most sophisticated vehicles of its genre, this luxury crossover comes loaded with top of the line features such as Active Torque control et al.

Second Hand Lexus Cars - Luxury at Best Prices

Come to the Big Boy Toyz showroom and you will be amazed to see the range of second hand Lexus cars we have in our inventory available at unbeatable prices.

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