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  1. Lexus
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Looking to buy a used Lexus car in Bengaluru ? Well, look no more…

The Singular Apart!

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About our luxury, expert-verified, used Lexus car

Be composed and confident to endue Lexus with the label of the “Eastern comforting zone” as you opt to be pampered in the ultimate lap of luxury while having some wizard technological aids by your side.

It’s a royal home away from home.

Live like the kings and queens as the Lexus’s opulent interiors shower you with every bit of regal and tickled feeling.

Of course with the Japanese guarantee of everything going plain sailing!!

The world feels new with a Pre owned, used and New Lexus

And brings in more avenues for you too!

Going in for a well recognized Lexus of the past earns you the dignified do-gooder tag and no worrying on the less amount of kilometers clocked because it will be equally balanced by the exotic mainspring of Big Boy Toyz in New Delhi, Mumbai and Gurgaon.

Proposing a love at first sight, BBT will get you on a high flown platform with the stockpile of Lexus cars standing with great reliance and the kairotic moment starts when you get to know their affordable pricing and intent as to not let you down in the your ownership phase.

  • LS

    - Carving a chief characteristic place in your heart would be the Lexus LS just because of the immaculate and impeccable top drawer brain waves.
  • LX

    - Following a Japanese styled vigor and moxie delineating, the towering LX won’t grant you the effort for a head hunting elsewhere.
  • RX

    - For the fancy belle outing, Lexus makes a pitch with the sweet looking crossover grade for the niche pickers.

Commencing a green parade leading is the whiz kid and long haired Japanese personage, Lexus which won’t leave you in a spot of bother considering its upman ecological contributing.

That adds a hefty degree of Corporate Social Responsibility fulfillings in your forte as a levelheaded inhabitant of Bangalore.

Trace the starting point all the way north in Delhi and Gurgaon, for that matter even the western part in Mumbai where the exotic car destination Big Boy Toyz’s Lexus portfolio is destined to get in a chain of honest humanitarian beings and out of which one would be you proudly representing Bangalore.

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