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  1. Land Rover
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Looking to buy a used Land Rover car in Bengaluru ? Well, look no more…

The blue stocking sort!


About our luxury, expert-verified, used Land Rover car

Open the illustrious critics acclaimed history books to get yourself in tune with the best conventions and traditions behind Land Rover’s destined life of Riley.

Enjoying a doyen like advantage on all fronts, yes.... and primarily the causative reasons being the complete SUV package, imposing and erudite presence, reliability for ages, durability raise to power ten and the action packed power performance.

Needless to say that safety and comfort of a Land Rover is like an authoritative stamp of pledgings with no backing out.

There’s more to a Land Rover with a Pre owned tag

Strive to minimize the distance between you and the wished for Land Rover by being apart from the rest in your tastes and preferences!

That will save time and earn you an exotic cognomen to boast about.

Only if the said Land Rover has the Big Boy Toyz moniker waiting to make your day with a certified backing, exclusive sourcing and a categorical tempting price which does open ways for a further purchase too.

  • Freelander

    - Carrying a self acquired spirit to be a herculean nonesuch, there won’t be any ifs or buts in its praiseworthy sailing through.
  • Discovery

    - The singled out in the extensive lineup of models in Land Rover’s portfolio which has an ardent fan following worldwide.
  • Discovery Sport

    - Land Rover’s sincere efforts to tick all boxes right along with no comprises from its end!
  • Evoque

    - This one stands as the most apt merging point between your present wave nurtured urbane conducting and Range Rover’s hybrid and imperial standing.
  • Sport

    - Picking up fine hints and distinctions from the revered old chestnuts led us to believe that this inception from ….England can ideally be credited with the tag of an exclusive and sanctioned crony.
  • Vogue

    - Grasp the finer specimens and feel the difference. The familiarisation part is a big revelation in itself while Range Rover has got plenty of epiphanies in the form of bewildering you at every juncture followed by a full time felicitation of the inside’s enthralling bits.
  • Velar

    - A sense of extravagance and indulgence envelops you the moment you step inside the Velar.
    The technological marvels on the inside primarily the communicative Touch Pro further acts as a catalyst to keep the drama going.

Second hand Land rover in Bangalore

Awaiting a grand stand traversing in the most tiptop and blue ribboned mannerism!

Did the name Land Rover strike a few chords with you considering its shipshape Brit vocalization?

You can be one among the few to elongate this string of sophistication in the city of Bangalore.

It won’t exactly be an arduous task to fix upon a handsome looking Range Rover on display at Big Boy Toyz, New Delhi, Gurgaon and Mumbai because BBT doesn’t make distances feel too long.

Discovering further, your consideration list will see a major league stretching because Big Boy Toyz will not only enamor you with a range of pre owned Range Rovers but also the freshly procured ones which are straight from the factory so that you have a gala time driving one back in Bangalore.

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