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  1. Gallardo

Planning to buy a used Gallardo car? Take a look

Gallardo defines the uncompromising Italian nature of the marque

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About Gallardo

It would be safe to say that Lamborghini Gallardo has had loads of variants in the last decade or so with the Italian automaker experimenting with and producing different permutations and combinations of paint jobs, engines, power trains and what not. Some of the popular variants of the car include Blancpain edition, Super Trofeo, and Valentino Balboni.

Though the last Gallardo that rolled out of the production plant was in the year 2013, the craze for the sports car doesn’t seem to have dropped even by an inch. Being the best selling model of the Italian marque, the Gallardo has been the sales leader of the brand with total units of 14,022 from 2003 to 2013. The iconic model was replaced by the more powerful and efficient Huracan in the year 2014. The popularity of the model was so high that it was being used by the Italian traffic police during an alarming state of affairs and emergencies.

Family of Pre-Owned Lamborghini Gallardo Cars

A perfect combination of fun and safety, Lamborghini Gallardo has precision over small and minute things that even an expert can skip. The company has incorporated detailed modifications into the sports car for a touch of perfection. The engineers at Lamborghini had adjusted and tuned every element of the machine to provide the driver a dynamic driving experience. It means that the springs, stabilizers, dampers and even the tires have been experimented to get the best out of them. With options available to tailor the car as per the customers’ need, requirement and choice, the sharply creased styling of the Gallardo still can turn many heads and is perfect for those who want to be both seen and heard at the same time.

But the biggest question is where to purchase the Gallardo as the production of this marque has been seized. So does it mean that we are not that lucky to get behind the wheels of this iconic sports car that has created a special place for itself all around the globe? Well, the answer is hidden in the second-hand cars' market that is flourishing at a good pace. Not only will you get the machine at the best price but also at the good condition. The love for exotic cars has raised so much among the car enthusiasts that using the word ‘used’ for the second-hand luxury cars seems like insulting their love, so this is how the word ‘pre-owned’ came into existence and then continues till yet.

Big Boy Toyz, a leading player in the pre-owned exotic cars in India and is based out of Delhi NCR, has a great collection of the pre-owned Lamborghini Gallardo car that varies from the year 2008 to 2014. We also provide financial assistance to those who need the same at easy EMIs and low-interest rates. Also, the cars put up for sale at the showroom go through a strict process of checking by the experts and are verified and certified by the approved bodies, so as to make the dealing fair and legal. Either you are going for a second hand BMW 5-Series or planning to buy a pre-owned Lamborghini Gallardo from Big Boy Toyz, you don’t have to compromise on any front, be it cost or performance and speed of the vehicle.

Experience the Charismatic Second Hand Lamborghini Gallardo up for Sale!

We have generally seen Lamborghini Gallardo feature heavy iron rotors but the Gallardo Spyder model features optional carbon-fiber ceramic brakes that work with 15-inch disc brakes that are light in weight, thus making it easy for navigation. Lamborghini Gallardo is quite powerful as expected when it comes to the engine with the vehicle featuring the odd-firing 5.2-litre V10 all aluminum 40-valve motor that gives away 550hp power and 540Nm torque. The engine is mated to a 6-speed single clutch electro-hydraulic e-gear automatic transmission system that features paddle shifters as well.

The vehicle also features a power-operated convertible top that adds to the flexibility of the car. However, you cannot lower the window to make it a wind blocker when the top is down. But before you make choice to go and buy the second hand Lamborghini Gallardo up for sale at our Delhi-Gurgaon highway based showroom, we would like to introduce you to the world of Gallardo that will make you go all the crazier for the car that is only available in the pre-owned car market only.

Faster - The sport and an automatic variant of the car have been pre-programmed to provide 40 percent faster shifts to enhance the performance.

Tougher - Alloy wheels have been enhanced aesthetically with Cordelia alloys working surrounded by Pirelli P Zero Corsa Tyres.

Speedier - Lamborghini Gallardo can go from 0 to 100kmph in a scintillating 3.9 seconds while the top speed for the car is 198kmph.

Lighter - The vehicle has a nice built with a lightweight aluminum exterior that works nicely with the double-wishbone suspension.

So are you seeking the chance to buy the used Lamborghini Gallardo up for sale at the Big Boy Toyz showroom? Well, grab the opportunity before it’s too late!

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