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  1. Lamborghini
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Looking to buy a used Lamborghini car in Bengaluru ? Well, look no more…

The Roman Racer bred

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About our luxury, expert-verified, used Lamborghini car

Riding high on performance and looks along with giving you an unforgettable cherished experience on the first drive itself, comes Lamborghini.

Building cars around the typical emotion deriving iterating, Lamborghinis have a knack & mastery to be the “by oneself” demonstrators of unblenching and lickety split conductings.

A word for the highly skilled and canny Italian conceptualizers who have put forth their best expertise and knowledge to give rise to an ‘animated living soul’ meant to annunciate its thumbprints on the cinder layings.

Presenting a range of Pre owned, used and new Lamborghinis

A speed enthusiast who aspires for great looks, performance and reliability need not look further than.....?

Getting to it in a second.

For the well known and trusted, Big Boy Toyz in New Delhi, Gurgaon and Mumbai is at your esteemed service known for delivering pre owned Lamborghini cars with affordable prices without compromising on quality and performance.

BBT has quite decisively made a mark in the organized used luxury car market and this takes away your speculations when you negotiate a deal in the end to flaunt your priced possession proudly.

  • Gallardo

    - Just the perfect presto and full tilt case history from Lamborghini to complement the instance of like minds thinking alike and that is your fabricated alacritous run & Gallardo’s willing inclination.
  • Murcielago

    - An avid car collector’s exotic garage is incomplete if the Murcielago does not make its prize winning inclusion in the list of vehicles which are deemed to be the venerated sort by you.
  • Huracan

    - The new age bespeaks the forward leaping gospel for Lamborghini considering the unpretentious trailblazer tag it holds......on all parameters, check that!!
  • Aventador

    - A powerhouse 6.5litre V12 naturally aspirated petrol motor developing astronomic numeric figuratives makes for a surging performance portrayal, notwithstanding that it was meant to get the cream of the crop quickening mottos and precepts for your retention.

Unfold the menacing raging bull’s feat in Bangalore with a doctorate degree in the whizzing and zooming arenas.

So what were your initial impressions before zeroing in on the razzle dazzle inception from Sant’ Agata Bolognese, Italy for a hefty purchase?

Come on, you must have been enamored by those famous Bangalore four wheel stealth performers doing a fast motility run.

The automatic name which suddenly comes up in mind.....Lamborghini and no shortlisting further than Big Boy Toyz which is a one stop destination for the most gorgeous exotic cars.

Fully loaded then to take on the gang!!!

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