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  1. Jaguar
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Looking to buy a used Jaguar car in Hyderabad ? Well, look no more…

Thunderous roar announces the arrival of this big cat!


About our luxury, expert-verified, used Jaguar car

Jaguar, like its namesake known for its sleekness, grace and speed. When this translates into an automotive cross section of superiority and spark, you are greeted by a work of aptitude than often leaves the heart ruling the head.

Experience the sheer caliber of the leaping cat that draws praiseworthy exclamations and leaves you in a bewitched state which concludes that Jaguar has its fair share of admirers all over the globe.

Check out  from an exciting flurry of Preowned, Used and New cars!

A tryst with the leaping cat from England!

Give your story a practical forming at Big Boy Toyz

It Doesn’t get better than this. 

  • Jaguar XF

    - There’s a big time bottom line attached to the midsize luxury saloon from Birmingham which brings out the leaping cat’s aura in true form! Do you wish to explore it?
  • Jaguar XJ

    - When you wanted to give the stately and esteemed flagship rides a little scare on the outside in terms of size does the talking, then we guess that the Jaguar XJL will manage to draw in some noteworthy brownie points.
  • Jaguar XK

    - A patronizer of the supercharged phenomena! Get up and close with the fiery 500 plus horses ready to make a place for themselves in your carved out reserved categorical.
  • Jaguar F-Type

    - It won’t let you resist the temptation to make large the ‘love at first sight’ phantasm courtesy the legendary Ian Callum doses and fragments speaking for themselves in its artful conception.
  • Jaguar XE

    - The forward traversing paragon that doesn’t wish to consider itself in the league of its competitors, solely due to the incredible Jag inborn character and disposition.
  • Jaguar XKR

    - A patronizer of the supercharged phenomena! Get up and close with the fiery 500 plus horses ready to make a place for themselves in your carved out reserved categorical.

Going in for an Exotic Pre owned Jaguar

The burning question!

How can Jaguar also be attained by those who are not filthy rich?

Your answer surely lies at Big Boy Toyz which first impresses with its transparent and clean practices of housing the most talked about Jaguars from around India. You’ll find the stock unusual, actually that’s to keep you headlong and gazed in the choosing process.

Notice your extended reason to smile which is attributed to BBT’s trustworthy name of the game to keep the engagement on.

The fast paced run climax in the southern historic city of Hyderabad!

Thoroughly searched, scrutinized and meticulously chosen for your emphatic endeavors, the leaping cat as a viable option from Big Boy Toyz will significantly up your daring quotient for an impactful boulevard stint in your favorite neighbourhood locality in Hyderabad.

The wish to be seen as the odd one out?

Pretty much yes as the BBT label on your Jag gleaming in full form will serve as a prime mover for the startled expressions.

Being dynamic as the British brand, our Jaguar inventory also sees a varied degree of alterations to be in your top notch consideration list.

That’s the everyday practice!!

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