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  1. Jaguar
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Looking to buy a used Jaguar car in Bengaluru ? Well, look no more…

The forward Fleet!


About our luxury, expert-verified, used Jaguar car

Bringing out your fondness for A Grade exclusivity, distinction, precise control and unmatched road dynamics is the fleet leader, Jaguar, hailing from Britain.

The mighty Jags are known to be the chieftain figures in your exotic possession and this is truly an organic earning in their forte considering the segregated British tone and emanation speaking for itself.

And surely you won’t give them a rest day as the “daily ride” coronal has been voluntarily awarded by you in the process.

One Jaguar in many forms- Pre owned, used and New

To make you one with the Jaguar of your dreams, lets first lessen the difficulties involved along with allaying the speculations.

Don’t call it a compromise if you have to stick to a pre owned one because on a closer inspection you’ll ask yourself atleast multiple times “ Is it really pre owned”?

A comparison can be drawn to a new one indeed!

And there you notice the Big Boy Toyz up bringing on this one which is backed by a host of stringent checks and verifications for your delight!

There would be a direct correlation between your peace of mind and the selling price quoted by BBT as it has to balance all the ends to see you satisfied.

  • Jaguar XF

    - A perfect horizontal side view depicts the well- proportioned XF along with a fancy dose of over the top Brit styling which won’t near ever to becoming larval!!
    Observing the cat’s reflexes burgeons the alluring and seductive context while proving to be a pleasing sight.
  • Jaguar XJL

    - Jaguar’s prodigy of churning out a whiz kid interactive cabin traces its roots to unexampled functionality and ergonomics which of course does the major share of talking
  • Jaguar XKR

    - The unstoppable “case in point” makes use of a cyclopean 5 Litre V8 Supercharged petrol heart that develops a world beating performance in an equally fostered congruent footing.
  • F Pace

    - A heartfelt positive exclamation for beautifully portraying sheer luxury and sportiness uncompromised!
    The newly in practice SUV norms for Jaguar…
  • Jaguar F-Type

    - Overriding the brisk and hasty attribute……come again, on the move is a magisterial unit up front that relegates the liberation of unprecedented jiffy and no holds barred!!!
  • Jaguar XE

    - The XE comes closest to satiating the younger generation’s tastes and liking for a novel and contempo playmate , thereby having zero saturated typicals in its on- coming.

Drive a pre owned Jaguar in Bangalore

It’s not over till the fiery Coventry leaping cat marks its shades of prowess and vitality to your majestic run in Bangalore.

Jaguar will instill that novel embodiment to your proprietary rights of owning the masterpiece.

Multiply it by the numeral ten if it is happens to be bought from Big Boy Toyz because you’ll have to first discover umpteen number of synonyms for the word novel or distinct to get a hand of the Jaguars parked in each of its showroom in Delhi, Mumbai and Gurgaon before moving ahead with the ceremonial picking.

And very soon you’ll feel a world of a difference driving the leaping cat in Bangalore which has its roots in Big Boy Toyz.

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