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Looking to buy a used Hummer car in Mumbai ? Well, look no more…

When power becomes your ultimate goal!

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About our luxury, expert-verified, used Hummer car

Ever seen a beauty with the beast? Here it is! A powerful beast encased in a beautiful body that speaks nothing but dominance. Designed to be served as a military vehicle in its initial days, Hummer made its way to the civilians in 1980, seeing the increasing popularity of the vehicle among the masses. As far as its popularity in India is concerned, the vehicle has been successful throughout. Right from the Bollywood celebs to the commoners, everyone seems to have been enchanted by the magical aura of this dominant brute.

Growing Demand for Pre-owned Hummer Cars

The market for luxury cars in India is flourishing day by day and so is the demand for Hummer. The biggest challenge that one faces while looking for a second hand Hummer car in India is the authentic and trustworthy used luxury car dealer. To make this task easier, Big Boy Toyz, a renowned name in the pre-owned luxury car market of India, has now opened its branch in Mumbai as well to cater to the demands of its ever growing customers.

After a successful venture in the National Capital of India, BBT is spreading its roots all over the country, where Mumbai is its first step. The inventory of BBT is certified and verified to ensure a fair deal.

Growing Demand for Pre-owned Hummer Cars

Big Boy Toyz has a nice collection of well maintained used Hummer cars at affordable prices. The inventory includes the likes of:

  • H2

    - An SUV by nature, H2 is an off-roader in a true sense. Its features such as heated front and rear seats, cruise control etc. make it the best pick among its rivals.
  • H3

    - It is designed to serve as an off-road as well as a city vehicle and is the smallest among its siblings. It comes loaded with state of the art safety features to make your journey as comfortable as possible.

Book your appointment with Big Boy Toyz in Mumbai and see your dream of owning a Hummer comes true.

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