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Looking to buy a used Ferrari car in Kolkata ? Well, look no more…

A perfect example of beauty with brain and speed of course!

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About our luxury, expert-verified, used Ferrari car

Any auto enthusiast worth his or her salt must have heard about the marquee brand of the sports cars, the Ferrari. This brand has invested a huge amount of money, effort, and labour to build cars that are the ultimate in speed and power performance.

Driving any of the Ferrari models to give the riders an unforgettable riding experience. Auto enthusiasts all over the world associate the brand Ferrari with superlative design, out of the world performance and top-level engineering.

This globally recognised Italian auto brand uses the best in technology, materials, and design to build cars that have an unrivalled reputation in the market. Thanks to these quality attributes of the Ferrari cars and the huge upgrade in the social status if you own a Ferrari, there is a big demand for used Ferrari cars in the market.

Big Boy Toyz - The Best Place in Kolkata to Order a Pre-owned Ferrari Car

As the economic profile of India is growing rapidly on the global scene so is the rate at which the middle class increasing. This aspirational class wants the best products in the world.

This has led to the growing demand for second hand luxury cars in the country. If you look at the used luxury car market very carefully, you will find that there are several factors for its growth. Some of these reasons include reputable companies entering this market to provide well-maintained cars, easy finances, and low prices.

Therefore, if you fancy driving a super sports car, then you should come to the Big Boy Toyz showroom in Kolkata where you will find a range of pre-owned Ferrari car lining up to catch your eye. Some of the Ferrari models we have in our inventory are as follows.

Here are some beauties listed at the showroom:

  • Ferrari F430

    - This model is the upgrade of the earlier Ferrari 360. This car comes with a more aerodynamic design to improve its efficiency and lighter alloys to give better performance.
  • Ferrari 458

    - This is the successor of the F430 model and it comes with a sleeker design and the latest technologies to give you a superlative experience.
  • Ferrari California

    - This grand touring sports car equipped with the latest in comfort and safety features is a dream to ride.
  • Ferrari FF

    - This stylishly designed four-seater Grand Tourer is the first four-wheel-drive model of the Ferrari.

Find Sparkling Ferrari Cars at Great Prices at Big Boy Toyz

If driving a Ferrari is your dream, then do not waste your time looking around. Visit the Big Boy Toyz showroom in Kolkata and get the second hand Ferrari car of your choice at drop down prices.

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