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Looking to buy a used Ferrari car in Chennai ? Well, look no more…

It not only symbolizes power and performance but class too!

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About our luxury, expert-verified, used Ferrari car

The iconic brand Ferrari is known globally for designing cars that comes with amazing looks and state of the art technology guarantying a stupendous performance.

This premium brand with the globally recognized logo of a prancing horse is synonymous with speed and eye-catching design. Ferrari started its operations in the year 1929 by Enzo Ferrari who wanted to bring something revolutionary to the auto lovers who love cars that have mind-numbing speed and alluring looks.

This is the only brand in the world which is credited with participating in all the F1 races that have been organized so far.

Over the years, Ferrari has come to symbolize power and great wealth. For the new aspirational generation, owning a Ferrari is a quick ticket to social recognition among their peer group.

If you are looking to buy a Ferrari but are daunted by its steep price tag, then come to the Big Boy Toyz showroom wherein you can find second hand Ferrari cars in superb conditions available at great discounts.

Big Boy Toyz – The One-stop Place to Buy Second Hand Ferrari Cars

Big Boy Toyz is a well-known company with a huge reputation in the market for selling used luxury cars. We have showrooms in Delhi, Ahmadabad, Mumbai and have now expanded our operations in Chennai city.

Our company has a transparent process of acquiring luxury cars with good titles that are in great condition. We thoroughly check each car for any mechanical defects before they are sold to our customers to ensure that they get a high-quality product.

We have different models of Ferrari in our showroom to make sure that your special requirements are met. Some of them are:

  • Ferrari F430

    - It is a successor to the bold and beautiful Ferrari 360 but comes with a well-groomed new generation V8 motor Berlinetta designed by Ferrari itself.
  • Ferrari 458

    - This sports car is one of the most loved Ferrari cars on its family. It was first showcased at the Frankfurt Motor Show 2009.
  • Ferrari California

    - It is a hard-top convertible that is powered by a V8 twin-turbo charged engine.
  • Ferrari FF

    - To be precise, Ferrari FF is a mini sedan that is designed by Pininfarina to give the beast a completely new touch.

Pre-owned Ferrari Cars - Come and Enjoy Riding in a Supercar!

Are you looking for a pre-owned Ferrari car that is available in great condition? We at Big Boy Toyz have the perfect answer for you with a range of Ferrari cars in our inventory.

So, come to our showroom and look at the beauties up close and personal.

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