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  1. Ferrari
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Looking to buy a used Ferrari car in Bengaluru ? Well, look no more…

It’s the prancing horse! Any substitutes?

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About our luxury, expert-verified, used Ferrari car

Let your hair loose and experience the thrill of kicks and lifts of speed in the Roman matter of course. Bringing the legendary transpirings on course with the luring one man ship artful conception and depiction.....and it is none other than Ferrari that fits the scheme of things for that wanted spectacular gushing ahead view.

A slight thrust on the accelerator followed by the associated greased lightning frames the utopian F1 styled episodes for which Ferrari has been a springtime skipper.

So it will make you an adept linker of the past and present happenings too as a pedigree imbibing.

Race ahead with the Pre Owned Ferrari Cars

There is no doubting Big Boy Toyz’s caliber when it comes to sensing the desire for the indomitable Ferrari and likewise putting forth a range of models picked from the genuine sources to popularize its stand apart “Pre owned” tag.

The customer is surely made to feel like an ace sprinter when he is granted the close quarter space with the Ferrari in BBT’s opulent showrooms spread across Mumbai, New Delhi and Gurgaon.

For the cautious choosers, the cars are strictly tested for any shortcomings and sold at much lower prices so that it gives you more solid reasons to rise up to the ocassion to speed away in your favorite Ferrari model.

  • Ferrari F430

    - Because the Ferrari perfectionism has to extend to all spheres, the distinguished F 430 is an ideal machine to get apprised of the prancing horse’s effective and upheaved beliefs and big ideas behind making this one.
  • Ferrari 458

    - How about a phenomenal double date with the winsome 458 Italia which has that prototypical magnetic and “be mad about” temptation for the posthaste takers in all honor.
  • Ferrari California

    - A complete admiration surfaces for the California’s inceptive reasoning and a divergent grading!!!
    It’s practical bringing about must have given Ferrari quite a degree of confidence thrusting….
  • Ferrari FF

    - A real gem of an entertainer that keeps you hooked every second. Enamored by its zippy and agile character, a glimpse into its performance figures communicates that you have to set high standards for it everytime you lend it the leveraged granting.
  • F12 Berlinetta

    - It tempts you to build those fancy castles in air for a pleased as a punch “chancing upon” the V configuration that intrigues with its bravado maniacal and delirious forcefulness and holds one fast for the wished for flight of imagination.

Awesome second hand Ferrari in Bangalore

The legendary Italian prancing horse does have a point to prove with its A grade demeanor as you look to cash in on a hypnagogic setting; you and your ultimate Ferrari amidst the supercars of Bangalore where you live.

Getting you to this level of utmost true grit and fortitude is the sole idol called Big Boy Toyz with its stores at New Delhi, Gurgaon and Mumbai.

With you entering the BBT family for a chief Ferrari purchase, the hype takes a front page celebrating as BBT quickly gets on the job to make the ever special delivery of the Ferrari to you in Bangalore even more special.

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