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  1. Chrysler

Planning to buy a used Chrysler car? Take a look

Designed to the taste of those who love perfection in everything!

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About Chrysler

A breakthrough in quality, top of the line engineering, advanced technology and innovative design, the Chrysler has a quintessential grandiosity and opulence to it.

Come to terms with any of its models and you are sure to re modify your expectation levels just by seeing the weighty features all around radiating their typical American backing.

Not to be a contender for a secondary considering, Chrysler has large piles of differentiated part and parcels in the race towards being an figure of a glorious feat.

The Sublime super! Now in a range of Pre owned, used and new cars


  • 300C

    - One of the rare American beasts that is a fantasized stealth bomber on four wheels and comes with a designated task on hands, i.e. to woo you with a sequel of palatial and silken morsels of luxury.


Domain of Second Hand and Pre Owned Chryslers

If you are thinking for a double date with your iconic American hangup, then Big Boy Toyz with its super exotic showroom at Delhi, Gurgaon and Mumbai can offer the best models at competitive prices.

Considering BBT as a team player in the pre owned car market of India, there won’t be any wild guesses as far as its inventory goes which is sure to leave you spellbound.

Take a bow for the services which are in accordance to your satisfaction and expectation that make you plan for a revisit to the haven of supercars.

Taking Hyderabad with a storm

Big Boy Toyz will give effect to your rarest of rarest dreams to be moving around in a pretentious symbol of grandness & majesty in Hyderabad....and are these the first set of baronial speakings when the fantasy nears Chrysler....

Our inventory allocation at Gurgaon, New Delhi and Mumbai will be at your fingertips together with the automatic oncomings of Chrysler as a stellar showing in Hyderabad.

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