Rolls Royce Ghost Series II – The “Worlds Best Super Luxury Car”

Jun 28, 2018
Rolls Royce Ghost Series II – The “Worlds Best Super Luxury Car”

As if the already present success was not enough to affirm the status of the great Royal car maker, Rolls Royce Motor Car adds another feather in its cap when it won the World's Best Super Luxury Car award by What Car? Awards. The winning car in this case is the Ghost series II Extended Wheelbase one that has been claimed to be the Best Buy option for more than 100,000 Euros category.

Awards in Succession

Best Super Luxury Car Source:

This is not just any victory for the Ghost Series II but a second award in the category for the car for a second year in succession to prove the mettle and worth of the Rolls Royce promise to provide the best super luxury car experience ever.

This is a very prestigious class and winning this award means a lot to the company and the brand, as a whole, as it will now look to dominate the category for many years to come.

While conferring the award to Rolls Royce, the judging panel of What Car? made a specific reference to the dynamics of the car claiming – "The light steering is accurate and lets you guide the nose precisely at most speeds, the pedal responses are easy to modulate, and the twin-turbocharged V12 is as silken in its delivery and refinement as an engine gets."

Torsten Müller-Ötvös, Chief Executive Officer, Rolls-Royce Motor Cars, added, "Since its launch in 2009 the Ghost has propelled Rolls-Royce Motor Cars to new heights. It attracts a very special breed of some of the most discerning and successful entrepreneurs in the world, seduced by this special car's thoroughly modern interpretation of Rolls-Royce luxury. The Ghost Series II model combines significant advances in technology with a considered update to the car's alluring exterior."

"Customer response continues to be overwhelmingly positive and I am absolutely delighted that experts from the world's media agree," he added further. It is no surprise since the Ghost Extended Wheelbase has received amazing response from the crowd as a whole and many of the people looking for the Ghost have preferred going for the Extended Wheelbase version only.

Constant Growth Path!

Rolls Royce Ghost Series Source:

This announcement of the award for the Ghost was followed by company's another great announcement that the brand has been consistently growing in the UK and in 2015 the result has been tremendous.

The Ghost has established a firm ground as the TOP CHOICE of the people when it comes to super-luxury motor cars and a lot of successful British entrepreneurs have chosen the Ghost as their choice of ride.

Apart from this, the company has also unveiled its 7th dealership in the UK, which will star among the 7 they have opened in 2015 and will definitely be a part of the 130 strong force worldwide. This dealership will also be the one from where Rolls Royce plans to roll out its new Dawn, the beautiful Drop head Super-Luxury Coupe. This is the car that has seen the most number of pre-bookings till date and should be a contender too for an award next year.

Globally the Ghost series have been instrumental in allowing the company to clock the second largest sales figures in its 112 years' history. Rolls Royce has always been dominating and will continue to do so the 200,000 Euro and above super luxury car sector in the automotive market. Till date the automaker has pretty much been unmatched in this case, at least.

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